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The scribes lists (scribes and antir_scribes) have moved. They are now hosted on the antir.sca.org list server.

for scribes go to http://missives.antir.sca.org/mailman/listinfo/scribes

for antir-scribes go to http://missives.antir.sca.org/mailman/listinfo/antir_scribes

If you received email claiming to be from the castle.org team it is a virus! Do not open the attachment! Delete it unopened.

Workin' on a Conference

I'm co-chairing the 2013 Cascadia IT Conference which will be held here in Seattle on March 15 & 16, 2013. If you're in an IT-support area (system, network, database, SAN/NAS, etc) please come to the conference! Consider signing up for a lightning talk.

Nomad's collection of SCA related documents, including camping hints and ceremonies.

Read the old draft of the new SAGE Code of Ethics.

Seattle, WA

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